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After several minutes of intense pounding, Zeus removed his leaking dick from Leonidas's ass and led him over to the giant four post bed to his left across the chamber. But these wonderful bodies, like pictures of supermodels for women today, were a frightening ideal to live up to. Female wine detection, not affection. Priapus serves to remind the reader, or listening audience, that Januarie's intentions are driven by lust and not love. To subscribe, click here. Cassidy founded the St. Zeus nodded and pushed Leonidas's head back onto his dripping dick, and he continued to suck hard, and deep throat him, gagging and gasping for air as Zeus's 15" cock pulsed in his mouth.

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It was also the place to pick up boys.

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The 7 Weirdest Sex Stories of the Ancient World

And they recognised that sport in the gym was very much like the grapplings of the bedroom. In the s, D. He used to give the best rim jobs when we were kids. Priapus' iconic attribute was his priapism permanently erect penis ; he probably absorbed some pre-existing ithyphallic deities as his cult developed. Your body was open to the public gaze - and revealed what sort of a man you were. New York Rights Fair. Leonidas pumped his thick cock with his hand as he knelt on the bed and began to give Zeus a magnificent blow job.

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