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I don't think it's weird to like the feel of a particular outfit and how you feel in it. I'm not sure how to answer that As long as you don't mind a sweaty partner Maybe you would but who cares! Everyone has there kink

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Do you live near a swimming pool?

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Is it bad that I get turned on when I wear my wetsuit?

You like the tight rubbery feel rubbing against certain erogenous areas, eh? I think its amazingly hot that you know this about your self and that you indulge it. Wow you look fantastic in that wetsuit I also have the same feelings in wetsuits, it's normal well at least in my mind lol just enjoy and most importantly don't suppress the feelings or it will get worse and build up just find some one that is like minded and have some fun together. Do you mind sending me one? I do the same with my wetsuit. Yes, well, seems to be one of the drawbacks of indoor use, yes.

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wetsuit fetish girl
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wetsuit fetish girl
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