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For a review of wavelength and wave frequency, see Wave and Wave Properties. Just wondered as a non-scientist if light only penetrates to a depth of approx feet, why do the creatures just discovered by Australian scientists at a depth of feet below the Great Barrier Reef appear to be coloured? Forces and Interactions PS3: This spiraling blue-green section of the Brazil Current is evidently populated by a different species of phytoplankton than the bright coccolithophorids floating just to the east, as indicated by its distinctly different color. The electromagnetic spectrum describes the wide range of electromagnetic radiation forms Fig. As the coccolithophorids are dispersed and sink in deeper, clearer ocean water, the color of the water deepens to azure.

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Worms Phylum Mollusca Voice of the Sea:

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Colour in the Deep Sea

Build a Drifter Further Investigations: Then, by comparing these phytoplankton trends to other measurements - such as temperature - scientists can learn more about how phytoplankton may be contributing to, and affected by, climatic and environmental change. Forces and Interactions PS3: Views Read Edit View history. About 50 percent is infrared energy, nine percent is ultraviolet UV energy, and one percent is X-rays or microwaves. Parrotfish and Sand Activity:

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color penetration in the ocean
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color penetration in the ocean
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