Amateur band plan learning

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The frequency limits are a matter of the regulations that divide up the radio spectrum among many users. One quickly memorizes that e. Clearly, responses A and B are nowhere near 80 meters. FM, d i gi tal. In the early days of radio that is, the late 19th and early 20th centuries everyone referred to the approximate wavelength in meters, rather than the actual frequency in MHz. Note 2 — Weak Signal Terrestrial legacy users are encouraged to move to

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Others say learn it because otherwise you violate FCC regulations.

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Learn The Bandplan!

N ote 3 — Broadband segments may be used for any combination of high-speed data e. Retrieved 27 June Many countries, however, continue to restrict these frequencies which were historically reserved for maritime and aviation distress calls. All amateur satellite operations occur within the allocations tabled below, except for AO-7which has an up-link from The allocated bands for amateurs are many megahertz wide, allowing for high-fidelity audio transmission modes FM and very fast data transmission modes that are unfeasible for the kilohertz -wide allocations in the HF bands. But I have a band plan chart on the wall of my shack, on the shelf next to my transceiver, and in my go box.

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amateur band plan learning
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amateur band plan learning
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