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The pink one was Katie's and the blue one was Emily's. She states that "she just felt like kissing somebody" but later apologises to Naomi. She reached out and wrapped her arms around both twin's necks, gently pulled them towards her before kissing them. Effy looked down to see the puddle of wetness forming beneath Emily's cunt on the sheets and smiled. Emily leant into Naomi, their lips meeting for a gentle kiss as Naomi's left arm snaked around Emily's waist, pull her in tight.

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Naomi was fast asleep on the bed in front of her, a pleasant smile on her face, the think silk sheets barely covering her nakedness.

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Emily Fitch

Effy kept her electric blue eyes on Naomi as the twins each planted a kiss on her cheeks before pressing their own cheeks to Effy's and turning their heads so that they all stared down at Naomi. The cream she had sprayed the vibrators before she had inserted them into the twins were now running down their thighs, mixing the sticky juices. Effy gave Emily's arse a quick smack and the little redhead began to crawl around to suck Effy's cunt. Katie and Emily could no longer keep up their kissing as their orgasms were just moments away. The two redheads pressed into her side and the little brunette on top of her made Naomi feel so loved, so needed, so wanted. She is the younger twin, often being overshadowed by Katie. Effy walked behind the twins and took a moment to appreciate the wonderful sight to two perfect, little bums.

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