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Add a comment to Bear's experience. Some patients may require analgesic or sedative administration for completion of a rectal exam. I'm not sure what a scrotal hernia looks like, or how it is affecting Ragalito. He has never been bred, he has come across some females tat was in season and did a itttkw but has never been fully"knotted up". A perineal hernia is a rupture in the pelvic floor, through which an organ may protrude into the region between the anus and the scrotum.

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I am very worried about him.

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Perineal Hernia

Our vet doesn't perform these types of procedures and referred us to a specialized surgeon With this information, can it be a hernia if so, is it caused by traumatic events like dislocating a hip? My dog is diagnosed with hernia by a doctor. His bump on bottom started to grow visibly much larger. Should i tell them just dont do it and go else where? Either her can't go at all or it's straight liquid.

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anal hernia in miniture dachschund
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anal hernia in miniture dachschund
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