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Take one of your fingers and place it between her labia. Cheers to u all. Hit the big 40? With my gf she never says anything when I go down there but I hold my hands up I am a novice then with my gf doing this and not a clue. Not all women like this, but if she does, she will let you know. That kills the mood.

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The good news is that you can learn to lose your fear and you can also learn to get good at it.

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9 Steps to Eat Pussy Like a God

There are basically two reasons why men suck at this one endeavor that women love so much believe it or not, but women love it as much as you love blowjobs:. No matter what you do, make sure that you reach her clitoris. After you have taken her panties off and kissed the area around her vagina you can focus on the main dish. First you should make her feel the pleasant anticipation that she wants to feel. Some women love it when you press your tongue on it as hard as you can and others jump through the roof as soon as you come close to it. Of course she does, but in case you are one of those paranoid guys who still wonder whether or not she thinks about getting eaten out by you or about washing the dishes, there is an easy way to find out. My head game is not bad from what I have been told but this right here will take it off of the charts.

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eat out a vagina
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eat out a vagina
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