The multiple orgasm trigger

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I'll never forget it! This delays ejaculation, making it more pleasurable if ejaculation is part of a man's normal sexual activity. He described his experience akin to steps, like climbing the stairs. It validated me as a woman and the program supported me. With a brain-stem injury and a degree of physical disability, she was fearful pursuing surgery or exploring her sexuality, as she was aware of the risks. I got on top of the orgasm and stayed there The men who have learned this method report that orgasm with ejaculation subsequently tends to be noticeably more pleasurable than they had experienced prior.

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I'm not going to have a stroke.

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The Multiple Orgasm Theory

When Robert first learned of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger six months ago, he was doubtful he could follow the instructions without finding some aspect that would be too much for his fragile body to comply with. For men, ejaculation can rapidly follow. I'm not going to have a stroke. Deep breathing is what connects us to our sexual centers and deep breaths help us reach our full orgasmic potential. Jack explains that instead of suddenly needing to interrupt the natural sexual flow to prevent or control ejaculation, a man can bypass the 'process of inevitably' that usually leads to orgasm followed by the ejaculation response. Mari is a single parent and medical professional in her 30's living in Western USA.

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the multiple orgasm trigger
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the multiple orgasm trigger
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